K&S Associates Troubleshooting Inc.

Performance Solutions & Troubleshooting Methodologies for the Refining & Chemical Industry
Why Attend?

Who benefits from the K&S Process Troubleshooting?

Engineers, supervisors, new and experienced operators all benefit significantly from our process troubleshooting training course.  

Students (operators, engineers and supervisors) are provided an in-depth review of:

Theoretical and practical knowledge and skill to operate a process unit

Current operating characteristics and conditions of a process

Understand the integrated nature of processes and systems

Unique method of learning the logic of a process

Specific mental tools to interpret and solve process upsets

Skills to develop safe and economical corrective action plans

Process to teach others to solve process problems 

Communication skills required to diagnose and discuss process upsets using a common language

Console Operators versus Field Operators


      K&S Associates Process Systems Surveillance and Troubleshooting Workshop provides both console and field operators a unique understanding of how their process equipment actually functions.  We use the design physics as the basis of our troubleshooting method so they are immediately equipped to solve process problems even when they have never seen the current upset conditions.  

     Console operators return to work and begin using our unique approach to logic interpretation.  Our “Logic Path” teaching method (K&S Associates only) gives your console operators a method to teach themselves and others how your process actually functions.  This gives them the ability to troubleshoot and proofread with greater confidence as well train others.

      Field operators return to work with a deeper understanding of how individual process equipment functions and what operators control and/or monitor to ensure the function is achieved.  This actually provides critical knowledge of why specific readings are taken and equipment inspections are required.  The better equipped the operator is with this knowledge, the better decisions that can made in terms of pro-active care and reactive response when upset does occur.

Engineers and Supervisors

     Engineers benefit as much as operations personnel simply due to the fact that a solid method, methodically taught and based in physics is the only reasonable approach to troubleshooting process equipment.  Engineers appreciate our thought process because it is a proactive approach that relies first on the science behind the equipment and then utilizes all additional supporting data.  This builds confidence quickly and utilizes the theoretical knowledge process engineers put into practice everyday.

    Supervision must ensure their operators have the knowledge and skills to troubleshooting process upsets.  Their role is to support the the thought process as it is used and reinforce a methodical approach to problem solving and good corrective action as dictated by the current situation.  When a supervisor is experienced and understands the K&S 3 step method, their team succeeds.

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