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Petroleum and chemical companies are faced with a variety of challenges in keeping their plants running at peak performance.  Highly complex and hazardous process units are at risk of interruption, shutdown, or more serious incidents if problems in unit and system interactions are not diagnosed quickly and accurately.   K&S Associates offers a powerful solution that ensures strong troubleshooting skills for operators, supervisors and engineers on the front line of day to day operations. 

K & S Associates has been teaching operations personnel to use their “3-Step” Troubleshooting Method since 1978. 

Our goal in providing superior troubleshooting training is to empower operators with skills to effectively monitor, analyze, correct, and control their processes.  Today’s advanced control systems are extremely powerful tools for controlling and optimizing the process, resulting in reduced operator interaction with the process.  This requires the operator to stay mentally alert and prepared to respond to an upset.  Without the operator interacting with the process as frequently,  the value and the need for highly skilled operators who can troubleshoot effectively, increases exponentially.

Our workshops provide the untaught skill of troubleshooting and problem solving from the paradigm of the operator and engineer.  We teach tools of diagnosis that can be utilized during the upset, as well as in post upset analysis.


Troubleshooting skills are the most critical aspect of a performance-based training strategy for any refinery or chemical plant.  We have the one unique solution that industry has relied on for over 30 years.

Process Systems Surveillance and Troubleshooting

K&S Associates is the only troubleshooting company that teaches a logic based method for problem solving in the petrochemical industry.  Our unique 3-step method utilizes the design physics of the process operation to help operators understand how to interpret the conditions and determine the upset origin.  Industry typically relies on experienced based problem solving (operators improve over time - based on what they have experienced), however, experienced based problem solving may fail when the operator is presented with upset conditions they have not seen before.  Our Logic Based 3-Step Method will work even when an operator has never seen the current upset conditions.


Our Guarantee

K&S Associates works hard to earn and keep your business.  If we do not meet  your expectations in any way, you simple do not have to pay for the training.  K&S has remained the first choice in industry for troubleshooting training for over 31 years because we deliver what we promise.   

To continue to meet the challenges of our industry, K&S Associates works tirelessly to inspire excellence in operations and enable superior performance through our structured and proven troubleshooting workshops


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